TAG Walk-Around Competition

What is the TAG Walk-Around Competition?

The TAG Walk-Around Competition is the culmination of our TAG University training process taught to sales representatives at Trotman Auto Group. It’s a fun way for our sales team to show their skills and share what they’ve learned in the TAG U classes with their peers.

How Does the Competition Help Me, the Customer?

Everybody likes owning a new car. But it seems very few people like the process of buying a car once at a dealership.

That’s where Trotman Auto Group is truly unique. Our team has created a sales experience that is fun, relaxed, pressure free, and, most importantly, gives you all of the information you want right up front so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing a new vehicle. We are actually changing the way that people buy cars!

How Does the TAG Walk-Around Competition Work?

Each TAG location has a competition to pick the best sales representative within the dealership. The winners of these individual competitions go on to compete against other TAG dealership representatives.

In the final TAG Walk-Around competition, our sales experts demonstrate their skills on the vehicle of their choice. Finalists are judged by the dealerships’ leadership teams as well as guest judges on criteria such as overall product knowledge, tailoring of the presentation to the customer’s needs, energy, enthusiasm, and so much more.

Winners enjoy prizes, awards, recognition, and, of course, a feeling of camaraderie with the rest of the team. While our expert panel judges the presentation, the crowd (the entire TAG team) cheers everyone on.

The Vehicle Presentation is a critical part of our Trotman Auto Group Sales Experience. Our sales consultants share many new featuresadvantages, and benefits of the new or pre-owned vehicle that you have selected, up close and personal. More importantly, the presentation is highly interactive and focuses only on those aspects of the vehicle that are important to your lifestyle.

This is why we call it our Express Vehicle Presentation. It takes your online research and brings it all together in a fun and entertaining format.

The History of the TAG Walk-Around Competition

Our sales consultants intimately understand that their role is not to sell you a car, but rather to help navigate you through the final steps of buying one.

A critical part of this thought process came about in 2013 with the first annual TAG Walk-Around Competition. This competition encourages our sales teams to lead each other by example and work constantly to improve the customer experience.

The TAG Walk-Around Competition encourages our sales teams to be thoughtful, creative, and more focused on you—our customer. It’s a chance for our sales consultants to learn from their peers and for our group to grow as a whole to serve you better in every way possible.

Talk to the sales team at any Trotman Auto Group location to learn more about the TAG Walk-Around Competition.