TAG University

TAG’s mission is to lead the industry by changing the way people buy cars.

How are we doing this? By educating and empowering our team to provide an exceptional experience for both our clients and our team.

TAG University was born from this mission as our in-house training program that leads our team to think, question, engage and utilize the tools that we provide. We coach and mentor our team from a wide-ranging variety of topics from our culture and customer service, to the Express Purchase Experience. We aren’t satisfied with being good; we are striving to be excellent.

Much like a University, we have classes set in classroom-like settings and foster open communication and dialogue. Our TAG University professor keeps us laughing and learning with regular sessions for continued learning. The approach is meant to keep it fun, simple and never a chore. This ongoing training brings all of our team back to what makes us different: we are changing the way people perceive the automotive dealership experience.